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Marijuana  Education

marijuana education

Learn all about vaporizing the devil's vine...and your brain!

Learn about the specific chemicals that fry your brain.

Advanced Intel

Terpenes Intel 

Learn how to torch off all your dirty, hippie, wannabe-dreadlocks.

Provides the basics of how the stuff you're blazing is analyzed.

You can even put the devil's vine where the sun don't shine.

Do you have the guts to really find out what this stuff does to you?!

IMPORTANT: These learning materials and many of their graphics were created and are owned by me and are the intellectual property of this website. I invite you to use and share them freely for educational purposes only. Any other use by any business or individual is unauthorized and illegal.  

Learn all about the spawn of the devil's vine.

The Re-education Protocol

Find out all there is to fear about CBG. 

Basic Intel

Do you want to know why your pot brownies didn't bake your brain?

Here are all the ways in which you can invite the devil's vine into your body and mind. 

If you're the ultimate burnout and actually want to eat this stuff,  then you've got to read this.

Note: This document does NOT contain RSO dosage information.   Please see Rick Simpson Oil (RSO): A Starting Point.

Cannabinoids Intel

Forget all the lies! I'm gonna school you on the truth and nothing but the truth about the devil's vine.

You burnouts may want to bypass this document. It requires math.

Turn your devil's vine by-product into hashish!