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NOTE: Categorized as a  'Secondary' terpene in cannabis.

Possible Medicinal PropertiesNerolidol's main medicinal benefits are anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Interestingly, it's also currently being studied as a vehicle that may help deliver certain medications transdermally.  

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Scent Profile: : woody, fresh bark. Leafly describes it as, "...a subdued and nuanced floral aroma with notes of fruity citrus, apples, and rose" which is a significant contrast to woody. A U.K. terpenes supplier describes it as, "Floral, green and citrus like, with woody waxy nuance."

Flavor Profile: fir, pine, woody with nuances of melon​​​​

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Nerolidol May Help in Treating Or in Acting As:​​

Inhibits growth of leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease



Also known as 'trans-Nerolidol', this compound is considered a minor terpene in the cannabis plant though its medical applications are beginning to widen with more research.  

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Found In (partial list):  neroli, ginger, jasmine, lavendar, tea tree, lemon grass, Brassavola nodosa, bitter gourd, cannabis